Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Challenge #2

Challenge #1 Winners

We received many solution from you. Thanks for your submissions.

Some of the solutions are more interesting and more logical. Here is the top 3 Participant.

1. Abdul Jaleel

Effectively used the point comments. Here you can see how to use point comments for different cases. But he didn't handle the data conversion that is one drawback.

2. Vijay Sekaran

Here the documentation is very good, documenting each and every step. Here he find palindrome in numerical form. Very good thinking :)

3. Gowtham Kishore R

less number of functions used to achieve the solution.

 Congrats all three. Keep Posting your solutions and share knowledge :) Challenge #1

Challenge #2

Hi Everyone!

Last week we had a task oriented challenge this week is application oriented.

Design a Simple Dictionary Application

Here we will provide one text file which is the database for your dictionary application.
Your application must respond each and every character entered by user and display the suggestion from database. 

Here with we have attached the VI make use of that.

Download VI
Notepad File 

  1. Send your VI to support@thelabview.com
  2. Avoid sending multiple emails
  3. comments and feedback are welcome
  4. winner of this challenge posted at the start of the next challenge.

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