Thursday, 28 September 2017

GUI Design #1

Idle User Interface Design with Hide/Unhide Settings.

User Interface is the very important for your application. There are lots of constrains and standards for UI developments. Here we will discuss about the idle space allocation using split bars and docking feature for settings.
Split bar – We haven’t used this feature in LabVIEW widely. This will help you to make UI standard. Main advantage is Fit to pane feature enable your UI to adopt different aspect-ratio. In LabVIEW we have 2 split bar.
·         Vertical Split Bar – Splits your LabVIEW panel in vertical manner.
·         Horizontal Split Bar -    Splits your LabVIEW panel in horizontal manner.

UI Design

I will always prefer the above alignment, because this will the standard arrangement in most of the application we used our day to day life.
We can use Split bars to split our Front panel in this manner.

Split Frontpanel.

UI Design.
If you present your UI in this way the customer will have an impression on you. Here with this I’m going to add one small and amazing feature. That will make your UI more advance one. Hiding the Option buttons.

Option enabled

Options hided
So to do this, do we need to write big code? No not at all See the below diagram only one property node will make your life more amazing! ☺☺

Block Diagram.
To download this code, click here.

And we are happy to announce, next week we launch our first UI tool kit in VI package manager. Follow us for more updates.

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